Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to dress like a lady in special occasions ( preview)

Hey guys! i'm finally here. I had a busy week so i had no time for posting , however i got a new job. Nothing fancy but something before i get my dream job.

It's been a week since i had my formal event. It was beatifull. The birthday girl looked like a princess and the turquase colour of 2013 still needs some time, cause it was the colour of the night and everyone was wearing it. I don't like this pantone colour of the year thing. If it suits me n i like it i wear it. I'm still rocking coral even if it's 2 years old. But hey everything comes back, so i'm actually 18 years in advance....


I wore  a teal/green dress, embroidery on the top, sateen on the bottom with a white bustier under it. I had silver accesories, including a hadband and a cluch. I forgot the bracalets. My hands felt naked.

For the make up i went old hollywood with a twist. I had an sty the day before, it went down a bit and it was easy to conceal. Instead of red lips, i wore bright pink. I think i looked younger than many of the teenagers there. lol. I don't like it when teens try to look older. U guys are beautiful and young, enjoy it!! However, some of those teen girls were so beautifully dressed that i have high hopes for the future of fashion.

So before I start writing how to dress and do your make up on special events, i'll show you how i dress on special events.

 On wenesday, I'll start talking about dresses.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Even if spring doesn't come, the only snow that will stop me from wearing a dress is jon snow !

Hey guys!!  it's been a few days. I've been feeling lazy. The cold makes me want to hivernate. I think mother nature is punishing canada for stephen harper's terrible environmental measures ( or lack of ) ( wow, i managed to make cold weather political)


Thursday I went to a charity event my friend was hosting. It was the perfect occasion to wear my new dress.....that i made all by myself <3 <3 so i was feeling happy to wear it.

So today is finally the other big event of the week where i get to wear my cocktail dress. Only bad news is that i have a freaking sty on my eye.  That is an extra to write about on my upcoming "how to look great in special occasions"

Meanwhile,  here's my dress and make up pictures ( i was running out of time, so i took pictures on the bus. Anything for my 2 fans....if i still have any. Lol)

If you guys play close attention you can tell one of my eyes is baggier than the other due to that damn sty. Bold oarge lips do a great distracting job ( besides looking great)

Here is the eye  make up

 And now the best part!!! DRESS TIME!!

LOL, the socks xD 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Haul + review!! (drugstore, except one)

I hate when people makes haul videos. I think that if it's not followed by a review, it's totally useless. I don't care what you buy unless you tell me what's good or bad about it and if I should buy it or not.
Anyways, since i ran out of some make up essentials and i have an event coming up soon, i did some shopping yesterday. Unfortunately I lost my job just yesterday, so i had to keep it cheap, but with the best quality as possible. Buying low quality products ends up being more expensive, regardless of the price you pay. I did manage to buy some cool stuff that fulfills my needs and i'm ready to go to job interviews looking professional.

So , let's start with the reviews!

Tony Molly concealer 

This one guys..... I can't , is just... ahhhhh!!!!...... so awesome. I already tried a Tony Molly concealer before and i was perfect for me, great coverage, perfect color and a little bit went a long way. This one is just the same but in cream format. And it's so creamy. A little bit does a great job, your brush barely has to touch the pot. I only corrected half my face with this one, and woooowww. What a difference. Best part, since it was on sale and i have a v.i.p card, i only payed 4$ tax included. The original price on is around 12$ no clue how much on amazon. I highly recomend this product because it's perfect. The only downside is that it comes in a few colors, so it's more suitable if you have yellow undertones.

Annabelle Twist Up Lipstick- Kinky pink and Bubble

Kinky Pink

Ok, I actually bought Kinky Pink yesterday and i had Bubble for a few years now. I am pleased with bubble very much . It last long, easy to wear, travel friendly. Basically, a go to lipstick if u want a bright color. I like that it's twist up, so no need to sharpen it. I like that it's a "pencil" format, cause it's easy to apply if you don't have a brush. It's fool proof even in complicated colors, it even works when the sharp point goes away. I wanted that specific color for a while and I want to go for a Gianna Jung look for the event i have soon. Again, i got this one on sale, so i got it for 7$  I don't think there is any negative thing to say about both colors or I wouldn't buy it more than once. I don't know if bubble is still on sale, but fizz looks pretty similar.

Producing high sales in fuchsia lip color, one episode at the time.

Essence "Get big lashes" waterproof mascara

If you live in Canada or any country where it snows ans rains a lot, you NEED a waterproof mascara. Since I can be a moron sometimes ( and i hated waterproof make up until i discovered the awesomeness of coconut oil or olive oil) It took me almost the whole winter to get one. I already tried some essence products ( concealers, another mascara and eye brow pencil) they are the cheapest in the Canadian market ( at least montreal) and they are surprisingly good. May be not the best if you particular needs? no clue on that one. So far this one has been working great. It does give me volume and it's waterproof, just like it says. It's comparable to any drugstore mascara, but cheaper. I don't know if it would work for someone with short lashes. I don't have lash length problems, so the simplest mascara is good for me. But i do see a great difference. As I said, comparable to other brands. 

Essence mascara " all eyes on me" 

 As for the other mascara i got once... It was the cheapest one of all. If you want a natural looks, it works but it has a lot of fallout. Since i have dark circles i don't like that. It does come on funky colors, so that's cool. Even if I didn't get it yesterday, it had to be said. 

Rimmel " wake me up" concealer

I am a big fan of Rimmel, i have tried their blushes, lipsticks, mascaras, eye liners and powders. I have never been disappointed.  The day they stopped testing on animals was a glorious day, cause this brand is amazing. My go to concealers  and an all time favorite  is this one :

But since this one wasn't on sale and the other one was, i decided to give it a try ( since i'm all about trying new things) There are no regrets, but the match perfection and anything from tony molly will always be perfection. Don't get me wrong, the wake me up has it's qualities. It's very light and it has a decent coverage. Match perfection covers better. this one is more like a mini foundation u should put on your traveling bag. 

and that's all for today :P I shall show you the accessories once the dress is over> yes i'm making my own dress:P 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Guess who`s back!!

It`s been so long since I've been gone that i am ashamed to even say it out loud. I have been so busy in the past....times. So much has happened, like graduation, studying menswear , changing my hair color countless of times. Etc. That doesn't mean this blog was not in my mind during that time. In fact i had the intention of resurrecting it. Since I have an special event coming up soon that required me to make a cocktail dress, i though of all the mistakes people makes in those special events. also, prom is coming soon too, so the timing is just perfect. I'll talk about the fashion, make up, hair and preparation. So now i'll go do some reaserch and come back with plenty of posts about how to rock special events. Whether you will be late or not, you'll be fashionable. Also, in new changes to bring to the blog, i want to add a little bit for the men demographic, since some menswear deserves a bit more attention. I would like some friend to collaborate with their insight and knowledge about the plus size industry. If there's anything you guys want to see, read or show, please let me know. Have a great week everyone


Monday, February 20, 2012

No make up n no dairy month

Long time no see, so it's the first week of the winter edition of no make up month and the second week of no dairy month. And hell is hard. What it is surprising is that i noticed the effect right away, my acne is going away. I still have scars n red spots but my acne is drying. I will be honest, i haven't stopped eating cheese . I did, however, reduced considerably my amount of dairy consumption. It is amazing how much milk and cheese one eats without noticing. I am a bit concerned about my bones though. Sometimes my right hand gets very week n reducing the calcium amount inside my body is a terrible idea.... so calcium n vitamin d supplements will become my friends soon.

So does dairy cause acne? i will say yes.

I've been taking care of my skin more than ever and drinking so much water, so everything ads up and it shows. Do i recommend to go vegan? only if you want too. This is as cliche as it gets, moderation is the key. No need to avoid the simple things you love in life, just don;t let them ruin your face, body and health.

As for the no make up week goes. Nobody notices. If they do, they r too polite to say anything. I would say nobody gives a fuck. Which is good. Some people did ask me in the morning if i was feeling ok. So that means i either look terrible in the morning or that i am amazing applying make up half sleep...or both.Probably both. I have some product reviews to do soon and hopefully some fashion to post. After all this is fashion geekness,not beauty junkies.... well make up and hair are essential parts of the fashion statement, so fuck it. Se ya soon people. my hand hurts tonight

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I started a food journal. it wont make much sence to suffer about not eating cheese for skin reaserch' sake if i eat cookies, candies and salty stuff  on the other hand. Another reason, is so i can see how much liquid i drink, if i have terrible bad reaction too x food  and to have a writen prove that my college is pro- anorexia and pro- dehydratasion.
Again, all this experiments i do, I will share them with you, so you can be aware of what causes acne to you or your friends.

It's been such a long time!!

shame on me. School has been killing me lately. That doesn't mean i didn't;t have my nice little blog at heart.

So many clothes to show, so many product reviews to do. I might even try doing some video stuff.... who knows. I don;t know a thing of editing.

But winter is here and you guys remember what i said last summer, no make up month will happen in winter too. I might do 3 weeks or 2, i don;t know, but it will happen.

I want so bad to post this blog more often, i hope school and work will allow it.


To make thing interesting  I have a couple of experiments to do, the first one starting tomorrow and it is

* drum sound creating intrigue and expectation*

No dairy moth!!!

it is the must insane self- challenge ever. If  no make -up month was harsh, this will be... revolutionary, intriguing, .... i don't know what bullshit name to give it. it will be a pain in the ass. I love cheese. For me to describe my love for cheese i need to make up some fancy word that illustrates love at orgasmic and cosmic levels.

Why am i doing this? u may ask. You, who loves  cheese so much and preaches the respect for food ?

Well, i have terrible skin. I want to see if not consuming cow related products will help.

Milk, yogurt and all that is awesome, but the hormones inside of it don;t react well to everyone. Not eating this type of products will make me realize how much i eat everyday and it will help me tell ( and my acne prone friends and readers) if dairy products and it's unnatural hormones are that bad for our skin or not.

After that I will try the no make up month again, right in the middle of the winter semester. This time i will be in contact with much  much more people than the summer version of no make -up month, therefore, different reactions. We will see, i promise to write every detail =)


So stay tuned , the blog will be back again =)